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Lighter Scanning Camera

Lighter Scanning Camera, Scanning Camera, Marked Cards
  • Lighter Scanning Camera, Scanning Camera, Marked Cards

As for many players, lighter scanning camera is another good offer. Just like other scanning cameras that we can process for you, the lighter cameras come out as a favorable one. With our latest technology and our responsibility for our buyers, we can install the small camera into different lighters from you. The advantages of the lighter camera are as following:

1. It is easy to operate. You can just turn the lighter up and down to switch on and turn off the scanning camera inside.

2. The lighter camera can be customized.

3. There is no difference on the outlook between the processed lighters and the normal ones.

Notes: Before you place an order or send us your lighters, please tell us the distance range you are in need of in your poker games. The distance here means the distance between the scanning camera and the marked decks. Normally, the dealers prefer shorter distance while the players prefer the longer ones.

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